• UNESCO 70th Anniversary Celebration! Vol.6
  • 2018年7月9日 • UNESCO UMAMI+ Archive
  • The stock market of food Pavilion Zero The stock market of food shows that food too becomes a commodity Ecuador-Not by bread alone Holy See Pavilion The global financial crisis demonstrates a lack of genuine concern for the welfare of human beings World Heritage Mount Etna Italian Pavilion The style to derive power from nature and history presented The Great Wave…

masterUNESCO 70th Anniversary Celebration! Vol.6
  • UNESCO 70th Anniversary Celebration! Vol.5
  • 2018年7月9日 • UNESCO UMAMI+ Archive
  • Pavilion Zero One-third of all food ends up as garbage Orege peel making thread Italian Pavilion Wasted orange peel … makes the threads Rock garden Ryouannji Temple Zen garden guides us to what is enough Bowl, nezumi-shino type, Mino Ware. Design of wagtails. 16-17 century Tokyo National Museum Zen-inspired dish reminds us we too are not perfect Hassun TANKUMAKITAMISE Japanese Pavilion Zen-inspired…

masterUNESCO 70th Anniversary Celebration! Vol.5
  • UNESCO 70th Anniversary Celebration! Vol.4
  • 2018年7月9日 • UNESCO UMAMI+ Archive
  • Pavilion Zero The narrative of humans and food came from journeys over land and seas World Heritage Venice and its Lagoon Italian Pavilion Culture through the exchange of trade Spices on the Silk Road Turkey Pavilion Taste through the exchange of the market Turkey Pavilion Technology through the confluence of time Fish helped us survive leaner times UAE Pavilion Nutrition…

masterUNESCO 70th Anniversary Celebration! Vol.4
  • UNESCO 70th Anniversary Celebration! Vol.3
  • 2018年7月9日 • UNESCO UMAMI+ Archive
  • Pavilion Zero The present of the present is direct experience Uruguay Pavilion Life grows through breath Holy See Pavilion Food to share out of affection THE INSTITUTION OF THE EUCHARIST Rubens 1630 Holy See Pavilion Not by bread alone … through art M. Michel ROTH Bocuse d’Or 1991 Bocuse d’Or Winners Association The energy of life from elegance Comacchio Emilia-Romagna…

masterUNESCO 70th Anniversary Celebration! Vol.3
  • UNESCO 70th Anniversary Celebration! Vol.2
  • 2018年7月9日 • UNESCO UMAMI+ Archive
  • Pavilion Zero All people coexist in their souls World Heritage Amalfi coast Italian Pavilion The present of the past is memory Bocuse d’Or Winners Association The present of the present is direct experience Zero Hunger Chanllenge ltinerary Pavilion Zero While the present of the future is expectation Rice Hervest Ikaruga Town Nara Ikaruga Town photograph by t.nomoto About food security and…

masterUNESCO 70th Anniversary Celebration! Vol.2
  • UNESCO 70th Anniversary Celebration! Vol.1
  • 2017年7月9日 • UNESCO UMAMI+ Archive
  • UNESCO was established 70 years ago To ensure that there will be NO MORE WORLD WARS Thanks to UNESCO We have dedicated ourselves to “Overcoming our Ignorance of Others” At the 2015 Milano EXPO Food is also a medium for knowing others French Pavilion at the 2015 Milano EXPO Food has been prepared Between the West and the East Since…

masterUNESCO 70th Anniversary Celebration! Vol.1