UNESCO 70th Anniversary Celebration! Vol.6

2018年7月9日 • UNESCO UMAMI+ Archive

The stock market of food Pavilion Zero

The stock market of food shows that food too becomes a commodity

Ecuador-Not by bread alone Holy See Pavilion

The global financial crisis demonstrates a lack of genuine concern for the welfare of human beings

World Heritage Mount Etna Italian Pavilion

The style to derive power from nature and history presented

The Great Wave off Kanagawa Hokusai 19 century Tokyo National Museum

EXPO encompasses the history to create new waves through crossculture

Bosporus Chanel Turkey Pavilion

Crossculture itself has produced food

Franck Putelat Bocuse d’Argent 2003 Bocuse d’Or Winners Association

Cooking for the people … cooking for the Earth

A Model of Opportunity UAE Pavilion

Crossculture … opener of opportunity

EXPO 2020 Dubai, UAE Pavilion

Connecting minds … creating our future 2015Milano EXPO UMAMI+ EXPO 2020 Dubai, UAE Pavilion

masterUNESCO 70th Anniversary Celebration! Vol.6


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